How printer Cartridges Recycled?

From the last few decades, recycling has gained high popularity. People become more aware to secure the environment for the future generation. Therefore, knowing the serious effects of printer cartridges land filling, people prefer to recycle them. But, do you know what happens your ink or toner cartridge during the recycling process? Yes, this is a very interesting question and many printer owners want to know the answer. In this write-up, we will explain the printer cartridges recycling process along with ink cartridges recycling benefits for newbies.

Let’s know why it is important to recycle your printer cartridge:

Why Printer Cartridge recycling is Necessary?

  • Reducing landfilling: Reusing or recycling help in reducing waste from land in the form of landfills.
  • Save Resources: By reusing the old cartridge, we can save our virgin resources in the form of plastic, metal, ink, oils and many more used to create cartridges.
  • Water and energy saving: Recycling has biggest advantage that we can save water and energy that will be used to create a new cartridge.
  • Decrease Green House Effect: based on researches, it is observed that reusing your 1 million cartridges every day helps to reduce greenhouses gases effect from the environment.

What happens to the cartridge during the recycling process?

Different recycling organisations use cartridges in different form. But, the majority of companies collect all ink cartridge at the commonplace and start sorting. Some of the reputed company buyback their cartridge, therefore those were sent back to them. OEM use those cartridges to manufacture a new one. All the remaining cartridges processed further as follows:

  • Toner is best used to make new roads. Due to their non-biodegradable features, it makes roads that can last for many years.
  • Remaining Ink cartridges can be used in low-grade printing purposes.
  • Ink cartridges clean plastic can be used to make pen tip. There also many other uses to use it.
  • To create toner cartridge special metal is used while recycling these are used the same to create a new cartridge or for some other purposes.
  • The rest material or say outer plastic of cartridges can be used in timber like in furniture, fencing or gardening etc.

Now, let’s dig deep and know more about these printer cartridges usages for different purposes:

  • Reuse: There are many organisations that specifically work on these cartridges reuse. They check the cartridge condition and guide where these cartridges can be further used with minimal efforts to change its position.
  • Use in related products: This is a stage when the product reaches its last stage and only a few options are left. During this stage of recycling, the used ink cartridges are used in creating of next cartridge. In simple words, making little changes your old cartridge is converted into a new one. There are also that not only a few parts of cartridge but the whole old cartridge can convert into new.
  • Use in Ewood: Ewood is made from mixed plastic which is created from recycled toner cartridges. To make Ewood, the material is converted from their original form into another form which is used in furniture, fences etc. This plastic has a durable nature, therefore things created from it can run for a long time. Using this cartridge also save the environment from harvesting forests.

Bottom Line

Hope the above information helps you to find valuable knowledge about printer cartridge recycling. Therefore, in order to save the environment, it is essential to recycle your old cartridge. If possible refilling them two or three times as it does not harm your system. But its a good idea as we had already discussed in our previous post about Refilled Toner Cartridge .


Top 5 Canon Printer Cartridges

The worldwide popularity of Canon consumables is not hidden. This is a brand that spends a great portion of their income on research and development. Therefore, whether it is printer, ink or toner all its products are uncomparable from cost and quality factor. Acquiring Canon ink or toner cartridge means you are committed to getting high-quality results. In addition, you do not have to spend your hard-earned on repairing and maintenance for a long time. If you are looking for the best Canon printer ink or toner cartridges, here we have a list of top 5 Canon cartridges. 

Canon Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Canon PG-510 (2970B007) 

PG-510 is one of the most popular canon cartridges for black and white inkjet printers. It’s budgetary IP, MP and MX series specifically designed for home printing. For occasional printing users, they can use 9ml of pigment, but if you print a lot then there is a larger volume i.e PG512 of 15ml.


  • A standard size cartridge can print 250 pages.
  • Apart from the original canon printer, it can be used in other printer models too.
  • Even the last drop of ink will deliver you excellent print quality
  • It does not leave strips on paper.
  • You can also refill this cartridge with genuine canon ink to get high-quality results. 


  • You cannot refill more than 10 times
  • Little ink capacity
  •  The unused cartridge can dry quickly, so you need to take printouts at least once in a week.
  • It is not suitable for commercial use.

Canon PGI 2400XL (9257B004) Multipack

If you need to take coloured printing then PGI 2400XL is a perfect set of 4 ink cartridges. This cartridge is specifically designed for iB and MB series devices. PGI 2400 XL is designed for proprietary use, therefore you can take 1250-2500 pages printouts from one time tank refilled. Company use DRHD-pigments, which are ideal for business printing and provide high-quality results on different papers. 


  • Capacity to put 19ml of ink.
  • High ink density and do not fade or smear with a highlighter.
  • One can easily change one by one ink tank based on ink consumption.
  • Without blocking the chip, you get the opportunity to refill the tank. Simply you need to disable ink tracking level in printer.
  • Very economical to buy.


  • Magenta and yellow run out earlier compared to others.

Canon PFI-707

These cartridges are specifically designed for wide format printers. Its tank has a capacity to hold 700ml of ink. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle of frequent refilling. Compared to the rest, this cartridge can be easily removed from the printer. Canon PFI-707 manufactured for 5 shades to ensure premium quality printing results. 


  • You can keep photos printed from Canon PFI-707 for the next 100 years. 
  • Its black pigment gives a matte effect to the images with special saturation of colour.
  • It’s good to acquire it on sales, as you can find cost-saving offers on a pack of three.


  • The high cost of acquisition.
  • A single ink set contains all same shade inks

Canon Laser Cartridges

Canon 041H Black (0453C002)

This cartridge is specifically designed for i-SENSYS LBP-312X printers. Canon 041H Black has a capacity to store huge resources, therefore, you can print 7000 pages easily. This removable drum has the capacity to refill more than twice, hence you can get a total of 20000 prints from a single cartridge.


  • Deliver premium quality print without gaps or banding.
  • Saturated black colour
  • Ability to refill without affecting chip.


  • The high cost of acquiring
  • Compatible with some canon laser printer model, but over time, this list can be expended.

Canon 711 

This coloured cartridge model is designed specifically for iSENSYS Models. Canon 711 is available for four primary colour model named cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Every coloured canon toner cartridge has the same capacity to print 6000 pages, but all these vary from price. 


  • Does not require time to warm up and you can achieve a high-speed printing process.
  • It does not grind to dust or leave dirty marks on paper.
  • Less ink is wasted for these models
  • One can achieve high picture clarity both from monochrome and colour


  • The high cost is an annoying factor for buyers. 

Essential Guide For Avoiding Fake Ink Cartridges

From the past few decades, phoney ink captured the market to a large extent. This not only affects the business of the original cartridge seller, your printer too. Although these ink cartridge can be acquired with a fraction of amount, they cannot provide you same level quality as of genuine ink cartridge. 

There are many bogus ink cartridges online supplier that delivers fake products under the name of noteworthy suppliers. Of course, shoppers do not have an idea about phoney ink, however, they order and get the wrong product under similar packing. In this post, we discuss how fake ink affect your printer and how you can identify fake ink. 

Effect of Fake Ink Cartridge on Printer

Fake inks have the ability to damage your printer either to full or to some parts. For example, counterfeit ink spill very soon, therefore it can harm your printer. These inks also have the credibility to block the nozzle, overheat the other parts or can damage the printer internal functioning.

Ways To Recognise The Fake Ink Cartridge

It is very difficult to check the product authenticity merely without using. The primary reason is that these looks just similar to original ones. Therefore, buyers purchase frequently same products. But to beat this, various organisations including canon on their canon ink cartridges matchless images. Which are hard to copy by fake sellers. For example, they created multi-dimensional images on to bundling by using extraordinary innovation measures. 

Some points that will help in identifications

  • The difference in colour, parts and packaging of the ink cartridge.
  • Extremely low cost is a warning signal
  • Poor quality material is a symbol for fake items
  • Product selling style also varies, as they are not pretty sure for their product. So do not offer return or replacement facility.

Further, there are also many organisations that conduct a test to check ink originality. Their advice will be really beneficial for you.

Essential Guide to Avoid Fake Ink Cartridge Usage

It’s hard to judge the book by the cover, similarly identifying the original cartridge between fakes is not a simple thing. You need to focus on below mentioned tips to make the right decision.

1.No-name Merchant Labelling

Fake ink cartridge manufacturers do not use their name on any of the packaging material. This is the first step to identify the accuracy and authenticity of product. So, whether it is online or offline option always go with the respectable and approved retailer. 

2.Cheap Ink Price

Fake ink sellers always are in competition with the original sellers. Therefore, they try to put the low-cost trap to catch audience attention. On the other side, the cost of the original cartridge is more and do not go beyond a certain limit. Customers get easily attract toward their special offers to sell products. 


Packing style also varies from seller to seller. But a genuine product can be easily identified from its packing. You will find the company seal, logo and other details. In addition, the company pay special importance to ink leakage issue, so they use appropriate measures to save ink or ink cartridge. 

4.Running on Empty

The biggest drawback of the fake ink cartridge is that they won’t stop running even if the ink cartridge is empty. Whereas in the case of the original ones, ink cartridge gives the command for low ink while reaching a minimum level. 

5.Execution Issues

Coloured ink cartridges are hard to manufacture than black. As every company use different technology to create coloured ink. By comparing coloured printed results of both the cartridge, you can clearly find the difference between these two. 


Fake ink Cartridge meets with certain issues like leakage, spits or holes can also be seen in them. Cleaning to them is like a nightmare. So, if you have ever met with these issues, it’s better to avoid such seller and order next time from genuine ink cartridges online website. This will save you from present and upcoming issues. 

To make your choice better you can also click at 4 Important Factors When Choosing Your Ink Cartridges

7 Steps To Replace Lexmark Toner Cartridge

Laser toner cartridges are a little more expensive than liquid ink. A brand new toner cartridge with the high-yield cost you more than $120. Therefore, many people plan to go with a compatible or refilling option. That cost much less but you need to sacrifice with the quality. Basically, low-quality print is not acceptable in business meetings or for professional printout. Here you need to replace their cartridge with the genuine one when it runs out completely.

Many newbies found unaware to exact replacement procedure and they get stuck in Lexmark toner cartridges replacement. Therefore, this write-up is dedicated to them, but if you do this function regularly, but found difficulty. This blog will solve your issue:

Step #1

Always purchase an original toner cartridge according to your printer model requirement. Purchasing of the right cartridge will give you halfway success. As it is designed as your printer requirement. And most toner cartridges work according to their inserted chip in it. Therefore, it will reduce the hassle of installation. But will fit into your printer when you are going to install.

Step #2

Before starting replacing, it is essential to read the user manual. Some printer requires to switch off while others need to be a plugin. But, if you lose the printer manual then its good to check out printer details on the company’s website.

Step #3

After getting toner cartridge and information, you can start with replacement. For this, you need to press the button on the left side of the printer to release and lower the front door.

Step #4

Now, press down the cartridge latch down. The holder lid will get open. Then grasp the handle on the toner cartridge. Pull it and remove the toner cartridge.

Step #5

Unpack the new toner cartridge. But keep its packing material with your self, so that if any issue arises you can replace it.

Step #6

The toner inside the cartridge is in plastic powder form. Therefore, before installation, it is essential to lightly shake the cartridge so that powder can spread over the cartridge easily.

Step #7

Now, install the cartridge in the printer. While doing this, make sure all its alignments go the right way. You can also take help from arrows present on it. In the end, if everything goes fine, it will create a click sound means your cartridge has been installed properly. Then close its door and confirm by taking printouts from it.

Important Tip

  • While installation, it is essential to read use user manual. This will give you knowledge about the printer parts.
  • Always wear gloves while installing, as there are high chances of toner smearing from the cartridge. Which is hard to remove.

Bottom line

A printer toner cartridge can be troubling if something goes wrong. But if you buy a right Lexmark Toner Cartridge from the authentic seller then a replacement will take only a few minutes. Many people avoid to purchase original cartridge due to its high cost but keep in mind, if you choose an online shopping option then you can save a greater amount.

Money Saving Tips on Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

When the printer ink or toner runs out completely without any prior notice, it becomes a great nuisance for anyone. Because, with the high cost of the original cartridge, people prefer to rush for the new printer. But, when you are taking prints in bulk, it will be hard for you to buy a new printer every time. In this case, buying a toner cartridge will be beneficial for you. What to do in such a situation? so that you can not be deceived by the seller. And can get the product at a fair market value.

Let’s discuss some useful tips to save you money:

Always Go With Bulk Purchasing

As it does not matter that you are going to buy coloured or black and white, but always try to buy in bulk. Because the cost for a single piece can cost more compared to more than two. Many suppliers like canon toner cartridges offer a good discount on bulk purchasing. Moreover, you can also buy cartridges during festival season to save some money.

Think of Your Requirements

Before going to buy for the cartridge, think of your requirement first, that whether you use coloured or black and white print. As the majority of the people in offices take print-out for just emails, which lies in black and white format. In those cases, there is no need to buy colour cartridges. But if you are dealing with the photography profession, then there is no way to avoid colour print-outs. So, think of your requirement as your need can limit your money spending.

Examine The Resource Cartridge Before Buying

While buying a new printer, you must consider many aspects of it like, its price, printing speed, and the type of printer that suits your need. But very less number of people considered its long term cost in terms of resource consumption. Therefore, they buy the product which has the initial least cost and in a later stage, these become a burden to their pocket. So, while buying a printer cartridge always give importance to their long term cost.

Choose Compatible Cartridge Than Original

Well, buying the cheapest product from the market can be risky for the printer. But with the little more amount of spending you can buy a compatible cartridge of good quality. With the fine quality compatible cartridge, it is hard to differentiate between the results of them and original. Moreover, compatibles are cheaper than the original cartridge. But remember, your compatible cartridge must come under warranty.

Stop Typing Tiny Things

Many people have the habit of writing tiny things and taking their printout. But, if you want to save your money then you must change your habit. As this is complete wastage of paper and ink. On the other hand, you can also use an eco font in order to print your documents. Because these have tiny holes who can minimize the ink consumption and can save your money.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find out the optimal solution for saving your money. Apart from the above, you must remember, all ink and cartridges are not suitable for your printer. So, in order to save money, you must check your printer and cartridge model to save money.

Most Effective Ways To Overcome Canon ink Cartridges Problem

Common problems are mainly associated with the components of the cartridge such as photo drum, blades cleaning, magnetic shaft, metering blade, and a photo drum charge roller. Some other malfunctions are related to regenerating blade, electrical contacts, bushings on the magnetic shaft contact assembly, photo drum protection cover and the cartridge body itself. It is necessary to look at the detailed instructions on the cartridge, whether you have Canon ink cartridges or others model. Some of are discussed as follow:

– Blade Cleaning

In the blade cleaning process, blades wipe off the remaining toner from the drum. The main problems associated with blade cleaning are as follows:

MalfunctionSource of the problem
If thin-grey line goes vertically across the pageThe reason can be a torn or worn blade.
Gray toner page visible on the photoconductor
Very old blade lost elasticity. Blades usually become yellow with work over time. Therefore, never use yellow blades
Badly oiled blade:A badly oiled blade increase friction and usually damage in the drum unit. It must be replaced. The blade can even stick to the drum if the cartridge is not used for a while.

– Magnetic Shaft

The magnetic shaft is an aluminum coated roller that transfers toner from the toner hopper to the drum unit. The major problem arises in this segment are due to an excessively thick layer of toner or damage to the surface of the roller. Basically, all type of toners is abrasive in nature. Therefore, when a thick layer of toner is fed under pressure between the metering blade and magnetic shaft, it gets wears.

MalfunctionSource of the problem
Light print
Most used magnetic shafts meet with a common problem i.e. light print cartridges. There is a black conductive surface on the sleeve that wears out over time. If during a visual inspection of the roller you see a silver tube, then the surface is worn out and the roller must be replaced. This defect appears on completely on black print areas and on the grey shades. Therefore, it delivers plain text most of the time.
White voids when printing
This is due to chipping and scratching of the coating. Usually, one or two small scratches will not be noticeable when printing, but when they become larger, you need to change this clip. This is especially true when several chips are located nearby on a small surface area.
Light and dark stripes throughout the page
This is due to a bent or deformed magnetic roller. This happens when the hub (especially the metal hub) is pressed into the roller shell at an angle. Metal hubs must be removed and replaced in a special press.
Intermittent (hopping) printingBad contact on a magnetic roller can either print light or blank pages.
Thick grey spots that appear on the surface of the roller shell
Usually, the static charge on the shell is the main cause of a defect.  When printer collects toner from the surface of the roller with a vacuum cleaner, it causes 40% less humidity. So, the best way to get rid of it is to use a specially designed magnetic roller cleaner.

Roller Charge Drum

The drum charge roller places the initial charge on the drum unit and at the same time removes the residual charge at the end of the print cycle. Because of its double role. It becomes the major cause of completely different printing defects. Most defects appear in the winter when the humidity is less than in the summer when the humidity is high. Major defects:

MalfunctionSource of the problem
The image that was printed on top of the page is repeated lighter below. This happens when the outer surface of the charge roller is damaged or too much cleaning fluid has been used but not wiped carefully.
Grey background on the pageThis again indicates that the surface of the roller was worn.
Cut on the charge roller
This result in repeating the black mark on the circumference of the roller.
Arbitrary points across the page:
Points can be on both white and black areas. The reason – too much powder (talc) stuck to the roller.


Normally, printer defects are associated with photo drum. Since the cleaning blade removes residual toner with paper particles from the drum by friction, the surface of the drum is highly sensitive to wear.

Here we have a list of major defects:

MalfunctionSource of the problem
Horizontal, vertical and very thin line Indicates a damaged drum.
Points that appear periodically on the page (top-down)
There is a  damage to the surface of the drum. The distance between the points depends on the circumference of the drum.
Grey toner smears throughout the page
The reason for the photo drum light damage (sunlight). The distance between strokes depends on the circumference of the drum.
Gray thick stripes at the edges on the left or right side of the page:
The reason is a heavily worn drum, the surface is damaged at the edges of the drum.

Note: In all the above cases, it is advisable to replace the drum from ink cartridges online stores. As there is no reliable way to repair a damaged drum unit.

Dosing Blade

The metering blade controls the amount of toner on the magnetic shaft. So, a worn dosing blade causes light prints. You can cut grooves in the magnetic surface that leads to missing toner lines and white voids form on the page.

Bushes of The Magnetic Roll

These bushings maintain a certain distance between the magnetic shaft and the photo drum. The edges of the drum “roll” are based on these bushing. Therefore, broken, worn, missing or toner-filled bushings will physically scratch the surface of the drum. These minor issues should be inspected each time when the cartridge is assembled.

Restoring Blades

This restoring blade directs the cleaning blade to remove toner from photo drum to mining bin. The damaged restore blade causes arbitrary points across the entire page. The situation gets worse with the more printed pages. The most common damage to this blade is when it is accidentally folded in the course of servicing the cartridge. The toner begins to accumulate at the top of the blade and then pours out. The more you type, the more toner accumulates and run out from the mining bunker. In such cases, it is essential to carefully disassemble it and check the repaired blade. In most cases, the toner from the top of the blade falls from inside of the mining bunker during cartridge transport.

Refilled Toner Cartridge – Is a Good Idea or Bad

Manufacturers write clear instructions for the event when ink or toner is run out completely and you need to replace it with a new one. As the new and original toner cartridge able to serve you for a dual purpose like excellent print quality and warranty on the printer. But this is when your company pays for the original cartridge and you do not have to spend any amount. As you know the original toner cartridges is not cheap at all. Therefore, people prefer to refill the cartridge with original toner to cut the cost. With this, it is always essential to have proper refuelling. Here we have more details below:

Laser or inkjet: which cartridges can be refilled?

Before starting refilling, it is essential to understand about your printer technology like whether it is inkjet or laser printer. These both differ from refilling technology, as the former need to be refilled with toner and the second with ink. For both types, a new and original cartridge is an excellent solution. As it has certain benefits discussed below:

  • The new one will provide you with excellent printing and you need not worry about the wrong refilling of the cartridge.
  • It will not waste your time for refilling and it does not have any side effect on the printer.

But if we go to the back of the beginning and remember the prices for this purchase. Therefore, if this option does not suit you at the moment, look for options for refuelling. Here, we have some benefits of refilling laser printers

  • With the permanent paint, print head does not dry quickly.
  • Some printers are so complex that if you disassemble its components and while installing you may have a chance to forget anything. This can lead you in trouble.
  • Refilling provides you with the advantage of cost and quality.

On the darker side, you will always be under the risk of being dirty while refilling. In addition, to refilling a toner cartridge you need to make a hole in the cartridge. But, if while creating a hole in the tank and it goes wrong, it will not be able to generate proper pressure. This will lead to poor ink quality.

A word of advice: if you bought a printer in order to print a large number of colour copies on it, you can buy a printer with a separate colour cartridge. If necessary, you can remove and refill the cartridge that has ended.

Print Quality From The Filled Cartridge

Printing from the refilled cartridge is a good idea, but imagine a situation when in order to save penny you prefer to refilling cartridge. For this, you need to be well prepared for the poor quality printouts:

  • If you do not get enough toner, you will return to the same problem sooner.
  • Pouring toner that does not match the labelling.
  • Some time refilled cartridge does not fit properly in the printer.

All of these factors undoubtedly affect printing quality. But here if you go with trusted companies and use appropriate skills for refilling, this may end some of the issues.

What to do?

Summarizing all the above, we come to the conclusion: when the cartridge is over, it is best to buy a new and original one that will not make problems for yourself. But for your comfort, you have to pay a considerable amount. If you decide to save money and refill the cartridge, then refill them only with a well-known and trusted company toner. There are many toner cartridges companies that are ready to become your loyal friend and helper in any situation can help you to refill or replace the cartridge.